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The Ultimate All-in-One Point of Sale System

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National Retail Solutions’ industry-leading Point of Sale system is packed with retail solutions that will help grow your business. The POS+ Bundle comes with everything you need to offer customers a quick and seamless checkout experience, including Heavy-Duty-Hardware and State-of-the-Art Software.

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front view of NRS POS System

Retail Solutions That Come Standard with Your POS+ Bundle Include:

•Extensive Inventory Management and Store Statistics features
•Sophisticated user management tools
•Proactive, customer-focused support by bilingual specialists


Everything You Need For a Seamless Checkout Experience.

The NRS Point of Sale System Bundle
  • Icon of NRS Receipt Printer

    Receipt Printer

    Prints receipts customized with your own logo and message

  • icon of nrs scanner

    Barcode Scanner
    Keeps the line moving quickly with lightning fast scanning

  • icon of nrs register

    Cash Register

    Secures your money with a heavy-duty lock drawer

  • icon of NRS POS Touchscreen

    Register Terminal

    15″ Touchscreen display loaded with plenty of tools & features

  • icon of NRS Customer Display

    Customer-Facing Screen

    Keeps your customers engaged during checkout

  • icon of NRS Credit Card Reader

    Credit Card Reader

    wipe, dip or tap payments using our EMV card reader

NRS POS System with touchscreen register software on display

State-of-the-Art Point Of Sale Software

Our POS software helps you efficiently manage your store using a comprehensive suite of tools designed for retail store owners just like you. Your POS is constantly improving and will automatically update with new and useful features.

PAX S300 Credit Card Reader for National Retail Solutions

Credit Card Processing

Accept all forms of payments, including Credit/Debit card, EBT, Apple/Google Pay & more. We offer low flat rate pricing or custom rates for business that process over $10k per month.

NRS POS Customer Facing Display Screen

Customer-Facing Display

Keep your customers engaged during check out with our unique, high-definition customer-facing screen. Customer facing ads are sure to catch your customers’ attention and get them interested in your store’s specials and discounts.

cellphone with NRS My NRS Store mobile app on screen

Manage Your Store From Anywhere With Our App

The My NRS Store mobile app is like carrying your POS with you everywhere you go. The app allows you to access your POS from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

With the app, you can access all the main controls of your store’s POS system straight from your phone or tablet. You can see what is selling, manage who is using the register, and even put an item on promotion. You can even shop for your store from the comfort of your home.

No matter how many stores and POS systems you have, you can access all of them with a single swipe and see how your businesses are doing. The app is easy to use and matches your in-store POS experience.

Available On

Get The My NRS Store App in The App Store
Get The My NRS Store App on Google Play

Data Analytics & Tools to Help You Run Your Business Efficiently

POS System Screen with Store Analytics on Display

Store Analytics

Track your sales, manage your expenses & see sales reports of your promotional offers.

POS System Screen with Product Configuration tools on Display

Product Configurations

Configure your products & departments or choose from 100,000’s of products we’ve preloaded.

POS System Screen with Store Inventory Management on Display

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory levels and get alerts when you are running low on specific items.

The Ultimate Store Management Software

Click on the icons below to learn more about each feature available on the Point of Sale System

Quickly check-out customers, hold orders and much more with our REGISTER tool.

With STORE STATISTICS you can track your sales, manage your expenses & see sales reports of your promotional offers.

Add & manage your list of vendors to keep track of how much you spend using the Vendors tools.

Create user profiles with custom set permissions for you and your staff in the USERS settings.

Manage your stock levels in the INVENTORY section and get alerts when you are running low on specific items.

Add products that can not be scanned or that does not already exist in your pricebook in the In-Store Items section.

Edit your product & prices or choose from over 100,000+ products we’ve already configured for you in the Pricebook section.

Use the PROMOTIONS tool create your own sales & offers. The discounts are automatically added during checkout.

Set up products that can be
added to the customer’s cart at
the push of one button with One-Click Items.

The Training & Help section includes training videos, set up guides and other resources that can help you master your POS system.

Configure your store’s profile, troubleshoot your POS and change settings via the Tools section.

The Marketplace is a one-stop shop for merchants. view products & services offered by NRS and our partners.

Sell Boss Revolution® Products & Services Directly on the POS+

The integration between your POS and Boss Revolution allows you to sell a diverse array of calling and financial products to your customers

More products to sell. More ways to make money.

POS Barcode Scanner Icon

Pinless Calling
International calling service that works on any phone.

POS Retailer Touchscreen Display Icon

Mobile Top-up
Instant domestic prepaid recharge.

POS Sturdy Cash Drawer Icon

Bill Pay
Conveniently pay all of your bills in one location.

POS Customer Facing Screen

Money Transfer
Transfer any amount to any country.

A Nationwide Loyalty Program, Exclusively for the POS+

The integration between your POS and BR Club, a nationwide customer loyalty program, sponsored by NRS, will save your customers money on their groceries without any cost to you.


BR Club – Rewards & Savings Program

BR Club is a nationwide loyalty program available in the thousands of stores nationwide with the via the NRS Point of Sale terminal. The BR Club is growing fast, with over three million existing members who receive discounts on groceries, and promotions on Boss Revolution’s calling and payments services.

Learn more about the BR Club >


POS systems installed throughout the U.S. in the past 2 years!


Existing BR Club Loyalty Program members throughout the country


Revenue generated in 2017 through Boss Rev Transactions via the POS+


Sales lift on products advertised on the customer-facing screen

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