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Retail Point of Sale System Bundle

Heavy-Duty Hardware

Our POS+ Bundle comes with everything you need to provide a quick and seamless checkout experience. A combination of dependable hardware and sophisticated software makes POS+ the world’s greatest Point of Sale system.

Included in the Point of Sale Bundle

POS Barcode Scanner Icon


Barcode Scanner
A bi-directional barcode scanner for quick & easy product scanning

POS Retailer Touchscreen Display Icon

Retailer Touch Screen
Keep the line moving with our easy-to-use touchscreen display

POS Sturdy Cash Drawer Icon

Sturdy Cash Drawer
A stainless steel cash register drawer that works seamlessly with our software.

POS Customer Facing Screen

Customer Facing Screen
Keep your customers engaged during check-out with our double-sided display

POS Receipt Printer Icon

Thermal Receipt Printer
Print receipts customized with your own logo and message

POS Card Reader Icon

Credit Card Reader*
process all forms of card transactions all in one machine*
*Credit Card Reader requires 3-year merchant services agreement.

Retail Point of Sale System Bundle

State-of-the-Art Software

The Elmer software included in our POS system is designed to be the ultimate management system for your store.

The Ultimate Store Management Tool

Monitoring your expenses & understanding your customers’ purchasing
behavior can give you the insight you need to gain an advantage over competitors.

Our POS Software

Keep the line moving quickly & efficiently with easy-to-use touch-screen register tool.

Daily POS Sales Reports Icon

Stay in control of your business. Configure checkout preferences, set user permissions & do much more.

POS Mobile App Icon

Create user profiles with a custom set of permissions for you and each staff member in the USERS settings.

Icon of NRS POS Inventory Feature Button

Powerful insights help you track your inventory and sales. Create promotions based on these insights that increase sales.

Take a Look at How We’ve Expanded in the Last Few Years


POS systems installed throughout the U.S. in the past 3 years!


Existing BR Club Loyalty Program members throughout the country


Generated in 2018 through Boss Revolution transactions via the POS+


Average amount of transactions performed monthly on our POS+ System.

cellphone with NRS My NRS Store mobile app on screen

Store Management App Available

Monitor your store data via your NRS portal or via the “My NRS Store” mobile app available in both Google Play and the Apple App Store. “My NRS Store” offers many of the features available in our Point of Sale system on mobile devices. Now you can manage your store from anywhere!

Available On
Get The My NRS Store App in The App Store
Get The My NRS Store App on Google Play


Earn more per transaction with

Accept all forms of payments, including credit card, debit card, contactless payments, EBT & eWic With NRS PAY.

Works With


Credit Card Terminal



Per Swipe, Dip or Tap


Sell Boss Revolution Products & Services
Directly From the NRS POS.

The NRS Point Of Sale+ provides your store with more ways to earn money
by offering Boss Revolution’s award-winning services:

BR Pinless Calling Icon


International calling service
that works on any phone

Mobile Top Up Icon


Instant domestic prepaid recharge for your phone

Bill Pay Icon


Conveniently pay all of your bills in one location

Money Transfer


Transfer any amount to any country at any time

Sell Boss Rev

The NRS POS+ Comes with
One-of-a-Kind Loyalty Software

Store promotion features turn your Point of Sale system into an easy-to-use marketing tool. Reward your loyal customers with unique offers and promotions in two different ways:

Free Marketing Materials icon

Create in-store promotions with any item in your store using the POS+ Promotions feature.

new Coupons icon

NRS has created a nation-wide grocery discount program exclusively for POS+ stores.

Camp NRS Logo

A Comprehensive Training and Help Center

In addition to reliable customer support, NRS offers an in-depth online training and help center, with troubleshooting guides and training videos to help you get a better understanding of our POS system and its software features. Visit CampNRS.com to learn more.


We’re Here to Help
Your Business Grow.

National Retail Solutions offers a network of services
and solutions to help grow your business in a competitive
retail market. In addition to a state-of-the-art POS system, you’ll get easy-to-integrate services and a knowledgable support team. Click on the video now to learn more about us!

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