POS System

How to Set Up Your NRS POS+ System

Follow these steps to set up the POS+ system:

1. Unpack Your Boxes

Your POS+ bundle will include several boxes. Unpack your POS+ boxes and make sure you have all of the necessary parts:

  • POS monitor w/ Reinstall USB attached
  • Cash drawer
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • UPS battery backup
  • Starter Pack w/ 2 rolls of Printer Paper

2. Plug In the Power, UPS and Internet Cords

After unpacking the boxes, start with the UPS Battery Backup – remove the cover under the back up and remove the battery. Connect the red cable to the terminal, re-insert the battery, replace cover, and set aside – Do not plug in to an outlet!  Using provided USB cable – connect the NON USB side of the cable to the SIDE of the Battery.  USB Side of the cable will connect in the back of the POS.

CONNECTING POS TERMINAL – Connect POS Power Brick with Power Cable and connect to POS via “DC – IN” located in the back of the base of the POS.  Next connect ethernet cable from your Modem to POS via “LAN” Port (not included).

3. Set Up the Scanner

Connect Scanner cable to back of scanner – plug USB side into the back of the POS

4. Connect the Printer and Cash Drawer

PRINTER – Connect power cable to power supply brick – connect to back of printer.  Next – connect USB cable to the back of the printer and then into the back of the POS

CASH DRAWER – connect the attached cable into the back of the printer.

5. Attach the Remaining Plugs and Cover

Connect the power cables of both Printer and POS Power into BATTERY / SURGE side of the UPS Battery Backup (remove yellow tape). Connect Battery Back up to a Wall Outlet – and press power button on Battery – Green light will turn on.

6. Turn On the POS

Press the button on the bottom left side of the merchant screen to turn on POS+. You can check that you correctly assembled the POS through the system. Visit the “Tools” page to review the connections for your internet, printer, scanner and cash drawer.

POS Installation and Training Sessions From NRS

If you need help with installation, count on our experts. The POS+ bundle comes with a free 2 HOUR training session to get you started.  You can also find our Installation Videos at

Get Support From NRS Experts

Let us provide you with the installation support you need. The Camp NRS self-install guide includes videos in English and Spanish as well as a downloadable manual. Get even more help by watching other Camp NRS guides, by contacting our customer support team or by visiting our FAQ page.

Payment Processing

Why You Should Have One Provider for Your POS and Payment Processing

one provider pos

Gone are the days when the point of sale looked like a cashier punching in totals, a customer handing them cash to be stowed away in a manual cash register and all bookkeeping being done by hand. Today, modern businesses are discovering the value of a POS system for helping them facilitate sales and manage their business. They’re also discovering just how easy it can be to accept credit cards when you partner with the right merchant account provider.

Many businesses understand how important both a POS system and credit card processing is to their business, but they may not realize just how advantageous it can be to look to one company for both of these services. When you partner with a single provider for your POS and payment processing, you’ll enjoy a fully integrated system that simplifies and improves your operations and can even save you money.

Small Business POS System and Payment Processing

Before we dive into the benefits of integrating your POS system and payment processing, let’s talk about each of these tech tools and the role they should play in your small business.

1. POS System

There are many types of POS systems that differ in terms of the hardware and software they use, but the goal of a POS system remains the same. A POS system is the modern solution for facilitating sales transactions. With a modern POS system, rather than punching numbers into a traditional cash register, cashiers can interact with a device that is more akin to a computer or touch-screen tablet.

pos system

Some POS systems consist only of a terminal screen with a cash register drawer. With these POS systems, you must find other tools like a barcode scanner, receipt printer and more from other companies and integrate them with your POS system. All-in-one POS systems already include all the components you need to facilitate the point of sale, which makes all-in-one systems the most convenient and effective option.

A good POS system will also include software tools you can use to help manage your business. This might include analytics to help you better understand the sales patterns at your store or inventory tracking software to help you keep the right products in stock at all times. With the right POS, you can manage your business more effectively and see your business grow.

2. Payment Processing

A POS system is an invaluable part of any modern business, but most businesses also need another important tool — a credit card processor. There are many reasons why small businesses should accept credit cards.

Only a small percentage of Americans today prefer to pay with cash. Credit and debit cards have become far more popular methods of payment, with the average American owning just over three credit cards. Customers expect merchants to take credit cards as payment, so you’ll very likely experience some upset customers and lose business if you aren’t equipped to handle credit and debit card payments.

How can you equip your business to take card payments? For one, you need a card reader where customers can insert, swipe or tap their cards. This piece of hardware isn’t enough on its own, though. You also need credit card processing that facilitate electronic payment transactions. A company that facilitates credit card payments is known as a merchant service provider (MSP) or a payment processor provider.

An MSP makes it possible for your business to accept credit card payments by being a go-between for your business and the other players involved in credit card transactions, including customers, issuing banks and credit card associations. Banks and credit card associations require certain fees whenever someone uses a credit card, and your MSP handles distributing these fees. In exchange for their services, an MSP will also deduct a certain amount from the sale, known as the discount rate.

Benefits of Having One Provider for Your POS and Credit Card Processing

Many merchants purchase a POS system from one company and find another company to provide payment processing services. In this scenario, your credit card reader will function independently from your POS terminal, cash drawer and other components that make up your POS system. If you rely on separate providers for your POS system and your payment processing, then you’ll experience some issues that can complicate checkout and managing your sales.

Depending on the same provider for both your POS system and your credit card processing simplifies things and can help your small business in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at five advantages to finding one provider for both your POS and your payment processing.

1. Streamlined Checkout Experience

When your POS system and credit card reader are parts of the same system, they can communicate with each other. This streamlines your operations and can make the checkout process go more smoothly. Anything that speeds up checkout time is an asset to your business since customers highly value an efficient checkout experience.

streamlined checkout experience

How does having an integrated POS and payment processor streamline checkout? The answer comes down to eliminating steps that you would have to go through if you didn’t have an integrated system. When your credit card reader functions independently from your POS, you have to manually transfer the total cost of sale on your POS over to your card reader before your customer can swipe, insert or tap their card. Once the payment goes through, you have to input this information on your POS to complete the transaction.

You can eliminate these manual steps when your POS and credit card reader automatically communicate with each other. This integrated system streamlines checkout, making it easier for cashiers and smoother for customers. You can make your checkout process even more efficient by choosing an all-in-one POS system designed to be user-friendly and automate as much as possible. Using a barcode scanner to ring up items, for instance, can greatly speed up checkout time compared to manually entering prices into your POS.

2. No Room for Human Error

Another important advantage of not having to input things manually between your card reader and your POS system is that it eliminates the possibility of human error. If your employee has to punch in a total into the card reader so your customer can pay with a debit or credit card, there’s always a chance they might enter the total wrong. Something as minor as leaving out a decimal point or a number can result in a major difference in what your customer pays.

Customers are asked to confirm their amount on the card reader, but many customers are likely to quickly confirm out of habit rather than check to make sure the total is correct.

When you charge an incorrect amount to a customer’s card, they may notice the wrong amount later on their statement. Especially if you overcharge the customer, you’re likely to have an upset customer on your hands. If that customer goes directly to their credit card issuer with their complaint, you’ll end up having to go through a chargeback process, which can cost you between $10 and $50, and even more in some cases. Transaction errors can also hurt your standing with your bank.

Charging customers the wrong amount — even if you are quick to correct the issue once they bring it to your attention — can also hurt your standing with customers. When a customer swipes their card at your checkout counter, they are trusting your business with their finances, and an error can damage this trust.

3. Detailed Records

Another benefit of using an integrated card reader and POS system from the same provider is that your POS can keep detailed records that include information about the method of payment.

When your credit card reader is disconnected from your POS, going back to investigate a certain charge can be especially challenging. Imagine a customer comes in and says they were charged $50 instead of $5 last Wednesday, so you need to find a record of this charge. Your POS should hold sales records, but they won’t be synced up with credit card payments made in your store. Therefore, more steps will be involved to find all the information associated with a sales transaction and potentially issue a refund.

Detailed records aren’t just helpful when you run into a problem. They can also help you manage your business more effectively. When you can look back over detailed records kept by your POS system, working with your credit card reader, you can gain insight into how your customers pay and whether you should make any changes.

For example, you might find that the vast majority of customers are using credit cards, which is costing you fees. Therefore, you might determine that you should implement a cash discount program to incentivize customers to pay in cash when they can. After implementing this program, you can reexamine your records to see what sort of difference the program has made.

4. Easier Customer Support

Though technology opens up new opportunities and can improve the efficiency of your business operations, we all know that technology can also experience problems from time to time. This is where customer support comes in. Even if you use a credit card processor that coordinates with your POS system, if you run into a problem with the technology, you’ll likely end up on the phone with both the credit card processor and the POS company.

easier customer support

When your credit card processing and POS system are fully integrated, you can depend on one company to help you resolve any issues that come up. If your system is cloud-based, they can even access your software and make any necessary changes. Only having to contact and work with one company for customer support greatly simplifies things for your business and makes it easier for the company trying to resolve issues since they understand all the aspects of your system.

When choosing a credit card processing provider to supply you with your POS system and your payment processing, be sure to select a company you can count on for excellent customer support. Whether you’re figuring out how to use the system for the first time or running into questions or problems along the way, you want a company that cares about your user experience and will address your needs quickly.

5. Financial Perks

You can also enjoy some financial perks when your payment processing provider and your POS provider are one in the same. The same principle of bundling goods or services that can save you money in other areas, such as insurance policies or your phone and internet services, applies here, as well. These financial perks could include lower fees or a lower upfront cost for equipment.

For example, when you commit to using National Retail Solutions as your credit card processing provider for three years, we’ll give you a free card reader to use in your store. This card reader is equipped to take a variety of payment methods, including all major credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments through Apple or Android, EBT and eWIC. The card reader also works with chip EMV cards, which are known to be more secure methods of payment than traditional credit cards.

Fit Small Business points out that fees are often simpler and more affordable when you work with an all-in-one POS and payment processing provider. If you choose to partner with a merchant service provider who is independent from your POS provider, you may be expected to pay an account fee, fraud prevention fees and more, in addition to processing and transaction fees.

Saving money should be a chief concern for your small business if you want to maximize your profits — especially if you want to offset the costs involved with credit card processing. Ask any POS providers you’re considering purchasing from what sorts of benefits they offer if you also use their company as your payment processor.

POS and Payment Processing From NRS

National Retail Solutions is a trusted partner for many small businesses who want the best modern technology at an affordable price. Our POS+ is a cutting-edge, all-in-one system that makes checkout a breeze and helps you manage your sales and inventory behind the scenes. We also offer credit card processing for small businesses, known as NRS Pay.

While other payment processing providers may come with overly complicated or inflated fees, NRS keeps it simple. You can choose from a flat rate that stands out as one of the cheapest you’ll find at just 2.49% of the transaction cost plus $0.10, or, if you process more than $10,000 worth of credit card transactions in a given month, then we can work with you to develop a custom rate. Remember that you can also get a free EMV card reader when you sign up for payment processing with NRS Pay for three years.

pos payment processing

In addition to keeping fees low and equipping you with the necessary hardware, we know that small businesses need continuous access to their revenue, so we work quickly to get your funds deposited into your account within 24 hours.

With the POS+ and payment processing from NRS, you can dramatically upgrade your business’s capabilities at the checkout counter and can make it easier to manage your sales. To get started, request a free quote today.

Payment Processing



National Retail Solutions (NRS) is committed to providing small businesses with the resources they need to effectively facilitate sales, leading to satisfied customers and continuous growth. One of these resources is NRS Pay, our credit card payment processing service. Credit card processing is an essential capability for businesses today, but figuring out how to deliver on customers’ expectation for this service can be difficult for some small businesses. NRS makes it easy and affordable with NRS Pay.

What Is NRS Pay?

Paying with a credit card may seem as straightforward as paying in cash, but it’s not. Whereas cash payments only involve the customer and the merchant, credit card payments involve the customer, the merchant, a credit card network, an issuing bank and a credit card processor.

NRS Pay is a credit card processor offering low rate credit card processing. If you don’t currently accept credit and debit card payments at your business, then you may not be familiar with how credit card processing works. From the customer’s perspective, it’s as simple as swiping the card, confirming the payment and receiving the receipt. The whole process only takes a matter of seconds. The process should also appear simple from the merchant’s perspective, but a lot goes on behind the scenes to make this transaction possible.

This is where credit card processing comes in. Businesses can only accept credit card payments if they have the proper hardware for swiping, inserting or tapping cards and a credit card processing service. The credit card processing service is a third party that handles the steps that make it possible for swiping a plastic card to result in a bill for the customer and money in your bank account. For each transaction, a small percentage goes to the processing company to cover the fees involved in credit card processing.

How Does NRS Pay Work?

So, how does this process work? Credit card processing is a complicated ordeal, but NRS Pay makes it simple and convenient for both customers and merchants.

merchant payment processing

Let’s start with the basics. Credit cards are issued to consumers through banks. The bank that issued your customer a credit card is known as the issuing bank in the world of credit card processing. Even though credit cards come from banks, these cards are also associated with credit card networks, also called credit card associations, the most prominent of which are Visa and Mastercard, followed by American Express and Discover. Your bank is known as the acquiring bank.

These various players need a facilitator to aid in the transfer of funds from a customer’s account to your bank account. This facilitator role belongs to the payment processor, also known as the merchant service provider (MSP) — in this case, NRS Pay. NRS Pay sets payments in motion and ensures that all steps are completed so you get paid right away.

Now let’s take a look at the steps involved in credit card processing with NRS Pay:

1. Authorization

To initiate the process, you need a credit card reader that is integrated with your point-of-sale (POS) system and serviced by an MSP like NRS Pay. When a customer inserts their credit card into the reader, the machine sends the information contained in the card to the credit card network. After receiving the card information, the credit card association sends the information on to the issuing bank.

2. Authentication

The issuing bank plays the essential role of quickly checking for potential fraud and determining whether the customer is authorized to make the sale or whether the sale should be declined. The card reader will signal to the customer that the transaction was successful or not based on what the issuing bank determines. Once the transaction has been authenticated, the cardholder’s issuing bank will add the purchase amount to the cardholder’s account.

3. Clearing and Settlement

Your payment terminal keeps track of all of your approved transactions and holds onto them before sending them off in a batch to the MSP, typically at the conclusion of each business day. The processor sends this information on to the credit card network, and the network sends off each individual transaction to customers’ issuing banks. Funds bounce around among the different players once more so everyone can deduct the necessary fees before the money posts to your account.

steps in credit card processing

Service Fees

Credit card networks require a small assessment fee for each transaction. Issuing banks receive interchange fees for their service. These fees are consistent from bank to bank since they are set by the credit card associations. Credit card processing companies also take a fee for their service of facilitating the process.

From your perspective as the merchant, you will see one amount deducted from the money posted to your bank account. NRS Pay will let you know what this deduction is for each transaction. This amount goes to cover all the fees, so NRS Pay will only keep a fraction of that fee, known as the discount rate. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about fees and how they are determined. NRS is committed to transparency and fair fees for all our services, including NRS Pay.

With NRS Pay, you can choose from two pricing models:

  • Flat rate: One option that works for any business is to pay a flat rate of 2.49% plus $0.10 for every transaction. This covers all the fees taken out by the banks and credit card networks, as well as by NRS Pay. This makes NRS Pay one of the cheapest credit card processing services for small businesses.
  • Custom rate: Another option for businesses who process over $10,000 a month in credit card transactions is to set a custom rate. NRS Pay can work with you to determine the best rate that will cover all the fixed fees, as well as the discount fee, and help you save money. You can request a free quote if you’re interested in what this rate might look like for your business.

What Are the Advantages of Using NRS Pay?

So, why should you add credit card processing through NRS Pay to your business? When you partner with NRS Pay, you cash in on some valuable benefits:

1. You Can Accept All Popular Payment Types

When your payment processing capabilities are limited, you risk losing business from some customers. The preferred method of payment for most shoppers is a credit card, followed by a debit card. You want to deliver on customers’ preferences and expectations to pay with a card.

credit card payment

With NRS Pay, you can accept both credit and debit cards, as well as EBT payments, eWIC payments and the up-and-coming mobile wallet payments from Apple and Android. You can even convert checks into digital payments with NRS Pay. This means that, no matter how your customers prefer to pay, you can accept their payment and will never have to turn down a sale due to payment processing limitations.

2. You Can Access Your Funds Quickly

With some MSPs, you may have to wait multiple days after a transaction before the money is posted to your account. But with NRS Pay, you’ll typically receive your money within 24 hours.

This means the amount in your account will be kept up-to-date so you always know how you’re doing rather than wondering how much should actually be in your account if it weren’t for all those pending payments. When funds make it to your bank account quickly, your business can enjoy a steadier cash flow.

3. Fees Are Affordable and Straightforward

We already talked about the fees involved with credit card processing. Since there are so many players involved, it’s no wonder that fees can seem a bit complicated. From your perspective as the merchant, however, the fee you pay to process credit cards should always be clear and straightforward.

With NRS Pay, processing fees are transparent and fair so you don’t have to worry about paying unfairly marked-up charges for every credit card transaction. Instead, you can benefit from accepting credit cards in your business without losing too much of your profits to inflated fees.

4. Your and Your Customers’ Data Is Kept Secure

Your bank account information and your customers’ account information should always be kept secure. NRS places a high priority on maintaining your and your customers’ financial security. We’re aware of common risks for small businesses and will help prevent issues of fraud and security breaches.

Another way we prioritize security is by providing credit card readers for chip cards, meaning they are equipped to accept EMV chip cards. These cards are designed to be far more secure than older credit cards, so having a machine that can capitalize on this added security is a huge plus. If you don’t have an EMV chip reader and you encounter a security issue, your business could be liable.

5. Payment Processing Is Compatible With the POS+

You should have a modern POS system to facilitate credit card transactions. Some merchants struggle to piece together different pieces of equipment and integrate them to work together. You can avoid this hassle and take advantage of cutting-edge sales technology by using the POS+ from NRS.

The POS+ is an all-in-one POS system, meaning all the hardware and software you need to facilitate sales are seamlessly integrated into one system. This includes your EMV card reader, as well as a touchscreen terminal, customer-facing screen, cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode scanner. With the POS+, you’ll also gain valuable features like inventory management, store statistics, an automated customer loyalty program and more.

6. You Have Access to Excellent Customer Support

Customer service is a critical component of any company you choose to partner with, but it’s especially important when it comes to choosing an MSP. With NRS, our team will take care of setting up your hardware and software so you can start strong. We’re also committed to providing assistance as you figure out how to use your new system.

We’ll be here to answer any questions along the way and help you solve any potential problems that come up right away so your business never misses a beat. When you want to partner with a caring and responsive MSP, choose National Retail Solutions.

What Stores and Businesses Can Use NRS Pay?

Any business can partner with NRS as its merchant service provider, but we specialize in working with small businesses. Some MSPs are used to working with large companies that process a high volume of sales every day. You want to work with a small business credit card processing service, preferably one that is familiar with your industry in particular so they understand the everyday challenges of running a small business.

small business payment processing

NRS Pay understands small businesses, and we provide solutions to enable your small business to accept credit cards and offer a fully modern checkout experience for customers and management tools to help your business succeed.

Some examples of small businesses that can benefit from using credit card processing from NRS include:

  • Convenience stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Tobacco stores and vape shops
  • Delis
  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery stores
  • Retail stores
  • Bakeries
  • Dollar stores
  • Produce stands
  • Meat markets
  • Beauty salons

NRS Pay also works for e-commerce and phone-ordering businesses. Although NRS mostly provides credit card processing for small businesses with brick-and-mortar stores, with NRS Pay, you can also accept secure online payment processing. Whatever your payment processing needs, NRS can work with you to make sure you have the solutions you need to satisfy your customers and grow your business.

Succeed With Small Business Credit Card Processing From NRS

Integrating current technology can be a challenge for small businesses, but NRS makes it easy by offering all the tools you need to facilitate sales effectively, along with tools to manage your business.

Consider partnering with NRS for both your payment processing needs as well as your POS needs, so you can embrace cutting-edge sales technology across the board. When you take advantage of the tools NRS offers, you won’t complicate your business operations — you’ll simplify them. Our sales technology is intuitive to use, so you and your employees can enjoy a user-friendly, efficient checkout process every time.

NRS Pay is your business’s solution to accepting credit card payments without being bogged down by complicated hardware or exorbitant fees. NRS makes it easy to accept credit and debit card payments, as well as other payment types, so you can attract more customers and see profits deposited into your account daily. As a bonus, if you choose to sign a three-year contract with NRS for credit card processing, you will receive an EMV credit card reader as our gift to you.

To get started, request a free quote today and learn more about how NRS can help your small business succeed.